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Dreams can come true, rooms too …

The time had finally come for us to move into our new premises. After great anticipation and excellent planning, the entire move into the new studio took place over the weekend, completed in a matter of just two days!

In addition to mastering a multitude of technical challenges, a great deal of energy was required to systematically stock the considerably larger warehouse. Pre-mounted wall rails, the extensive stock and every single high-bay rack had to be entered into the tracking system, quickly and accurately. An extremely laborious process that was to pay off quickly, ensuring a smooth, continuous work flow for both us and our clients.

Even then, we were a long way from relaxing. After all, the first shoot in the new rooms was scheduled for the Monday. Thanks to the entire team’s unparalleled collaboration, there were no delays there either, enabling us to get down to “business as usual” almost immediately.

Many thanks to all those who helped with the move!

New premises – new photos