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Plan of the building

ground floor

Bigger, faster, better - our base

The whole ground floor offers 4000 square metres of floor space, divided into the areas warehouse, styling, photography & video, reception and meeting points.

To ensure easy access, the photographic studio has two separate entrances. Clients, models and visitors are welcomed through the main entrance (on the right). On the left is the entrance for incoming goods, directly adjoined to our 1600 square metre warehouse. The 800 square metre video area can be accessed via another door, which is large enough to enable even large film and photo sets to be constructed - for example, when a bus needs to be driven into the studio.

A total of 24 photo boxes are being installed. For a better overview, the spacious photo boxes are arranged in rows. Adjacent to these photo boxes, the entire area on the right has been set aside for our hair & make-up team. Here, 11 make-up stations with basin will be installed along a length of 12 metres. The rear of the studio, with a view of the Europahafen and the marina, is reserved for our guests. Here, they will have the opportunity to retreat for a while or to take a break on the patio.

Plan of the building

upper floor

On the top.

The upper floor is accessible via two sets of stairs: this is where our studio management, the back office and post production can be found. All of the offices are equipped with state-of-the-art computers and software, and offer the latest in technology and optical characteristics.

Other highlights include the presentation room and the large lounge, including a cooking island. Both areas have floor-to-ceiling windows, offering a view of the whole photographic studio.

Photo boxes

Lights off - spots on.

Each 45 square metre photo box is permanently set up to meet our clients’ requirements. This ensures uniform lighting, and therefore consistent product photography. In addition, it guarantees independence from the flow of goods and from other clients, because a fixed number of photo boxes is always reserved for each of our clients.

All of the 24 photo boxes are equipped with a changing room and range of accessories. In addition, an iPad is installed in each photo box, enabling stylists, photographers and clients to access the client's style guide at all times via a web application.
Our photo teams work only with Nikon cameras and Profoto equipment.

Video area


Our modern video studio is being established on an area of 800 square metres. Equipped with modern technology, we’ll be able to create fascinating, exciting and informative moving images for our clients. An important feature that is becoming increasingly crucial in the e-Commerce business.

Make way!

Our shots know (virtually) no spatial boundaries. For instance, a separate roll-up door enables us to plan more elaborate sets for which even large vehicles can be driven into the video area.


Making the beautiful even more beautiful.

In the open, spacious styling area, our experienced team of hair and make-up stylists ensure several times a day that the models, booked from around the world, are stage set in an attractive, atmospheric environment.

Many years of experience, constant exchange, mental flexibility and a good intuitive feeling for each client's wishes create the basis for perfect film and photographic results. This is not only visible, but also perceptible.
For efficiency in perfection.

In close consultation with the client, the ideal foundation is created for a successful product presentation using perfectly equipped styling stations. Perfect craftsmanship and the use of high-quality brand products are a matter of course in styling.

All of the furniture used in this area is of a modular construction, enabling rapid and flexible responses to changing requirements. A wide range of modern fashion accessories completes the styling area.


Everything flows.

The goods will be delivered hanging, in boxes or on pallets via the goods/suppliers entrance. Before being sorted, they are either scanned by EAN code or captured by RFID. The goods are then stored in hanging or shelf storage systems until the next shoot, enabling them to be prepared by machine and delivered from the warehouse directly to the right photo station via individual aisles at the desired time.

After the shoot is before the shoot.

After the shoot, the items are then either returned to the client or temporarily stored for further shoots on request. A specially developed stock warehouse enables individual stored items to be located rapidly and easily, so they can be used as combination items for other shoots, for instance.